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Dec 30, 2012 6:00pm PST
. >> barack obama has been reelected. >> the agony of defeat. >> this election is over, but our principles in north. >> the year 2012 in review. >> the supreme court has upheld the requirement that every american by health insurance. >> the year of the cliffhanger. >> raising tax rates is unacceptable. >> natural disasters. >> like the apocalypse. >> and human tragedies. >> saying someone is shooting in the auditorium. >> political fumbles. >> 5 seconds before you interrupted me. >> and shoppers. >> the seriousness of having a cia director involved in an extramarital affair cannot be overplayed. >> all right, as we look back, let's begin with the top political story of the year -- the freight -- the reelection of barack obama. as "time" magazine plus a cover story states, barack obama will be the first democrat in more than 75 years to win a majority of the popular vote twice. mitt romney has to be asking himself, giving the magnitude of the president's problems and the great numbers of americans who believe the country was headed in the wrong direction, "how did i lose?" as the republican
Dec 30, 2012 9:00am EST
on "inside washington," the thrill of victory -- >> barack obama has been reelected, the 44th president. >> the agony of defeat. >> this election is over, but our principles in door. >> the year 2012 in review. >> the supreme court has upheld the requirement that americans buy health insurance. >> we can afford to have a modedest rate increase. >> natural disasters. we've been destroyed. it is like the apocalypse. >> and human tragedies. >> they are saying somebody is shooting in the auditorium. >> of political fumbleles. >> i have five seconds before you interrupted me. >> and schockers. >> the seriousness of havg a cia director invoed in an extramarital affair cannot b overplayayed. >> all right. as we look back, let's begin with the top political story of the year -- the reelection of barack obama. as "timeme"'s magazine cover story stage -- the president is the person of the year -- barack obama will be the first dememocrat in more e than 75 years to win a majority of the popular vote twice. mitt romney has to be asking himself, given the magnitude of the president's problems and
Dec 28, 2012 6:00am EST
and complex, and with a darker side to. the obama store, what people don't know is -- the real story of barack obama, sr. and his father takes place somewhere else, down in kendu bay, and that's where the african section of this book will start. >> final question. you want to introduce our viewers to -- [inaudible] >> leo, you could not make up. he belonged to some kind of african john rawl novel. he is 73 years old. he walks around with this menacing sort of club. he's got a deep rolling voice and laugh, and he seems to know everybody in africa. from the former president of tanzania to idi amin, the dictator of uganda back in the '70s and '80s, to everybody in kenya. and he traveled with us. we met him yesterday, had three or four hours of fascinating discussion, and then he traveled with us today in the morning. he was very close to barack obama, sr. and to obama's patron, onyango, and knows all of the political intrigue in kenya and a lot of the personal promise and flaws of barack obama, sr. >> was he valuable? did you have to listen carefully to what he said? >> well, it was not easy to -
Dec 27, 2012 11:00pm EST
was incredibly important to the young barack obama. that is an important theme in his adolescence and life. it connected to different parts of them. he came down to kansas to be the coach of some of the great figures in basketball history came out of kansas. even adolph rupp. he got his basketball genes from his family. his young black kid could still identify with african-americans in a way that he had not been living with his white grandparents. all of these other meetings were given to it, it was more than just something fun to play. that is really one of the central themes of his adolescence. >> host: you write in your book, david maraniss, "barack obama: the story", that he could not know that the luckiest thing that can happen to him is that his father had left. spearing his mother and him years of unpredictability and potential domestic violence. >> guest: well, i can write that. when you study it, it sounds speculative, but it's a difficult reality. it's a very big reality. and it grows out of what happened after. after they had that short time together, she became entranced by him
Dec 19, 2012 6:30pm PST
gina . >> el presidente barack obama nombra al vice presidente para luchar por el cambio de acceso a las armas de fuego. >> ;muchos padres acceden a las mochilas antibalas para el colegio de sus hijos. >> jenni rivera gracias por ese gran regalo disculpame por llorar. >> (♪ ♪ ). >> (♪ ♪ ) . >> (♪ ♪ ). >> (♪ ♪ ). >> (♪ ♪ ). >> hoy hubo nuevos funerales de las víctimas del colegio de newtown, entre ellos de la profesora vicky soto que sacrifico su vida por las dem señores sus estudiantes . >> tercer día de funerales, tres estudiantes, la directora y victoria soto, la maestra que salvo a los estudiantes al esconderlos en los closet de aula dónde enseñaba. >> trato de salvarlos hizo lo que más pudo. >> quien no se cansa de decir gracias es eugenio rousen. >> quiero decir a los padres de victoria, usted es un ángel, ella. >> eugenio es el vecino de la escuela, en su casa seis niños llegaron a refugiarse escapàndo de la masacre. >> los detalles del incidente eran tan terribles, que parte de mi alma no podia aceptar lo que decían. >> es un psiquiatra retirado, dice
Dec 28, 2012 8:00pm PST
is the worst republican in the country to put up against barack obama. >> if you've got a business, you didn't build that. >> president obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans and to heal the planets. my promise is to help you and your family. >> when you pick up that ballot to vote, you will face the clearest choice of any time in a generation. >> there are 47% of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. 47% who are with him. >> i have just called president obama to congratulate him on his victory. >> and whether i earned your vote or not, i have listened to you. i have learned from you. and you've made me a better president. >> when a president is seeking a second term voters have clear options, stay the course or throw the bum out. so what 2012, karen in the end, was it a referendum or a choice? that's the question that we kept having. >> it was the exact question we kept asking a year ago. given the state of the economy, given how most people felt whether the country was on the right track, it should have been a referendum on barack obama's performance. b
Dec 9, 2012 11:30am EST
income americans. if we don't do that and go out and say, here's how -- for example, barack obama sort of stepped on it when he said you didn't build that. mitt romney went out and legitimately criticized for him but went out with a bunch of small business people and not so small business people. we could have gone out there with the people who work for the small business person. the person who knows the owner of that business and says we built this together. here's how this helps -- here's what these policies help me. and i don't think we did that -- i know we didn't do that. we didn't even try to do that. that's what we tried to do in our race. and i'm certainly going to be out there and have been out there already. i wrote an op-ed after the election for "usa today", it's not so much about latinos or not doing well among minorities, it's not doing well among that group of voters who don't think that we care about working men and women triesing to rise in society and not just care about the great achievers. one of the other things, republicans tend to come across, we want folks to ta
Dec 19, 2012 11:35pm PST
no volverán a ser lo que eran. >en instantes mienstra barack obama propone medidas para el control de armas, el gobernador de texas dice todo lo contrario. envienos sus ♪. el presidente barack obama anuncio la creacion de una propuesta para controlar la venta de armas en el país. >>mientras en el país aumena la compra de armas, en texas el gobernador habla de armar a los profesores permitir armas en las aulas >>el gobernador dice que las leyes de su estado permite a una persona lleva un arma a cualquier lado siempre que cumpla con los permisos para tenerla en las ultimas 24 horas tenemos cientos de profesores registrados >>dice que la idea es que si un hombre armado entra con la intencion de agredir a un niño, quien morirá será el agresor. >>estamos llevando un peligro tremendo al salón. >>la idea para los padres es terrible, que un maestro vaya armado a dar clases es terribe >>no, lo que pienso e que es más recomendable que pues haya una máquina de seguridad que pueda detectar armas >>en 1999 después de la masacre de columbine, no se contemplo armar a los profesores, sino que se
Dec 22, 2012 4:00pm EST
morning is a picture of barack obama reading that actual no. the procession for the capitol is always a big deal. the move along pennsylvania avenue. here's a picture from exactly 100 years ago, an open carriage, and that's william howard taft on the right and then the president, woodrow wilson, on the left. 1933 we have a situation with franklin d. roosevelt and her hoover. the two of them did not along so well. there was not a lot of conversation during their right to the capital. in many pictures that were taken at stake, roosevelt can be seen waving to the crowd or smiling to the crowd or turning toward hoover and trying to have a conversation, but in every picture you'll ever see hoover is looking straight ahead ignoring him. there have been other times for the president bill did not get along so well. that chapter is called can't we all belong. sometimes it whether it -- weather is a big issue. there in the carriage. and here is the route that they take, pennsylvania avenue heading toward the capital. now, from 1829 all the way through 1967, which covers the great majority o
Dec 27, 2012 8:00pm EST
to talk. >> authored david maraniss has been researching his 10th book, "barack obama: the story." for this project the "washington post" associate editor prizewinner traveled across the world to campus indignation at comic and akamai hawaii, new york and chicago. david maraniss spoke with relatives and discovered the president's african ancestral history. he toured houses were young barack obama lifted into a shot and found a kansas family homes in neighbor's mother family began. and for the next two hours and david maraniss discusses his latest book "barack obama: the story." and then take your calls e-mails and treat. >> host: david maraniss, you write in "barack obama" but no product could be more the product of randomness than that of barack obama. >> guest: is the whole world coming together and hung on the lulu, who happens to come there from kenya because he reads the story and this is a great place because of its diversity and a mother who can't say because she is a father who has his wanderlust and is n
Dec 24, 2012 1:30pm EST
president barack obama says vaccines might cause autism that was ignored. and yes he did say that and we will talk about that later in the top. so, there's been several books published on the topic. there's a couple of their books. if you want to find out how the right is better and it's a big market for that to our knowledge this is the first book on the entire scientific left. so, progressives are antiscience as well. let's give -- progressives are antiscience as well what is just not reported by the media. the media looks the other way when their political allies do things that are antiscience. so who are the progressives, what do we mean by progressive? we took david's chart and we label it to fit more of our political ideology today. conservatives and libertarians are the easiest to identify and they are the mainstream republican party. libertarians need no introduction. the ron paul revolution in the constitution. bill left, however, is a little bit trickier to define because i see them as splitting into liberals and conservatives, liberals and progressives of the liberals being mo
FOX News
Dec 29, 2012 11:00am PST
court's landmark health care decision to the reelection of president barack obama. and politics headed in a decidedly liberal direction, so what happened and what does it mean for the country going forward. joining us columnist and detail editor, dani henninger and kim strassel. dan, we like to say for a long time we live in a center-right country. if you look at the last two presidential elections that doesn't seem to be the case. are we living now in a new, progressive era? >> in terms of the presidency, i think we are, paul. i'm not sure about the country. barack obama i think is the center left or left wing president since the great depression and i think that what barack obama has in mind to do is indeed to redistribute income from the top downward, not to cut spending, but to increase spending, it's explicit from a 20% of gdp to 25% gdp and rather than cut spending raise taxes as necessary to support that spending and i would say that is in fact essentially the french model. and the question is whether it can support enough growth in the economy. >> paul: taxes are going up, we k
FOX News
Dec 30, 2012 12:00pm PST
of the presidency, i think we are, paul. i'm not sure about the country. barack obama i think is the center left or left wing president since the great depression and i think that what barack obama has in mind to do is indeed to redistribute income from the top downward, not to cut spending, but to increase spending, it's explicit from a 20% of gdp to 25% gdp and rather than cut spending raise taxes as necessary to support that spending and i would say that is in fact essentially the french model. and the question is whether it can support enough growth in the economy. >> paul: taxes are going up, we know that, spending, going up for sure even before the health care law kicks in. so, we are moving in that direction, particularly in the entitlement state. not reforming it, but actually expanding it. >> aen what happened this year was the supreme court helping this along, you have the justices essentially rewrite legislation changing the plain text that congress passed in order to declare obamacare constitutional, which is a little scary, that that highest justices in the land would take that sort
Dec 16, 2012 8:15pm EST
that was left in the oval office by george w. bush for barack obama. he just put it posted and then on the inside of it was another envelope that said 2.44 through 43. and then the next morning here is a picture of barack obama reading that actual no. the procession of the capitol is always a big deal as we move along pennsylvania avenue and here's a picture of exactly 100 years ago an open carriage and that's william howard taft on the right into the new president woodrow wilson on the left. in 1933 we had a situation with franklin d. roosevelt and herbert hoover. the two of them didn't get along so well. there wasn't a lot of conversations during their right to the capitol in of the pictures the were taken that day roosevelt can be seen leading to the crowd or smiling to the crowd or turning towards hoover and trying to have a conversation. every picture you will ever see he is looking straight ahead ignoring him. there's another times also for the presidents didn't get along so well and those were mentioned in my book and that chapter is called can't we all get along. so
Dec 21, 2012 6:30pm PST
barack obama deportÓ a mÁs de 4.000 inmigrantes en el 2012. >>> y la primera tormenta inver fal de la temporada frustra planes de viajes de muchoss norteamericano, se han cancelado 1500 vuelo. >>> comenzamos. >>> (♪). >>> este es su noticiero univisiÓn, con jorge ramos y marÍa elena salinas. >>> (♪). >>> quÉ tal muy buenas noches un extremo a el otro del paÍs las campanas en iglesias sonaron hoy a la hora exacta que hace una semana se produjo el tiroteo que matÓ a 20 niÑoses y seis adultos en newtown en el capitolio del estado recordaron nombre por nombre los caÍdos y como nos dice blanca rosa vilchez para los residentes de newtown se vivieron recuerdos dolorosos. >>> en el momento exacto hace una semana, en el que la vida adquiriÓ una di menos diferente "aquÍ y ahora" la tragedia se recordÓ con un minuto de silencio. que se extendÍa desde el capitolio estatal con el gobernador del connectict hasta la casa blanca en dÓnde el presidente barack obama y otros representantes hicieron una pausa para recordar a las vÍctimas. >>> mientras, 26 campanazos desde la iglesia piso
Dec 20, 2012 4:30am PST
with leaders across the country to get input on how to reduce gun violence. president barack obama will head a task force to prevent the kind of mass shooting that took the lives of 26 people in newtown connecticut. he wants to set up proposals for a task force in january. coming up at 4:42 we will go live in newtown connecticut and we will hear about a special tribute and how the gunman's mother spent her last days. >>> the state public utility commission will find out how they will pay to get hundreds. they are looking to get upgrades after the deadly explosion and fire. pg&e should have been maintaining those pipes and a judge agreed and asked to pay 50% of the costs and they must approve that idea. >>> a new audit of the parking system showed it held on to 3 $16,000 it should have refunded. state lawmakers should have given back over payments. they claim they did not know about the law and they will refunds $200 or more. drivers can apply for smaller refunds which most other cities refund smaller payments. let's go to sal with our first look at traffic. sal? >>> traffic is looking good a
Dec 14, 2012 6:30pm PST
y la d madre de este, y un conmocionado el presidente de los estados unidos barack obama decreto c t cuatro dÍas por la tragedai n i nacional, que enluta a todo el p paÍs . >> buenas tardes, comenzamos el noticiero con la masacre que dejo 20 niÑos y 7 adultos mue muertos, incluyendo la madre, son 27 mil residentes en cyo connecticut, un pueblo a 65 m millas de nnueva york,autor york,autoridades dijeron que el atacantte tenÍa 20 aÑos y tenÍa varias armas, el presidente de los estados unidos barack obama hablo visiblemente afectado, i i iniciamos la cobertura con di o ddiego,estÁ con lo ulÚltimo de tragedia, dieoggo, adleanelante. >> asÍ es, esta comunidad trata de comprender quÉ apaso en esta tranquila cdciudad,se han regi r registrado vigilias, donde los residentes reaciconan indignad s indignados, entristecidos y con llantos ante la gtragedia, un n centena de personas se reunieron en la iglesia para velar por los pequeÑos y tratar de entender e quÉ paso en la escuel,,a, hac m momentos autoridades dijo que l algunos cuerpos de los niÑos b habÍan sido identifi
Dec 9, 2012 12:00pm EST
? >>> estamos preocupados sobre el tema presidente barack obama y clinton ha dicho que no van a tolerar utilizar armas quÍmica. >>> quÉ quiere decir eso? >>> que van a ver una acciÓn serÍa no podemos especular, pero se le ha advertido la comunidad internacional estÁ firme muy ellos, hemos visto las reuniÓn de la otan que estamos mirando de cerca para que no se le ocurra utilizar armas quÍmicas contra su pueblo. >>> latinoamÉrica dicen muchos crÍtico de presidente barack obama y de los presidente ante de presidente barack obama que latinoamÉrica no es ni a sido nunca el enfoque principal del gobierno de estados unidos dicen que presidente barack obama igual que los otros. >>> bueno josÉ como sabes la secretaria fue fijada y los temas de latinoamÉrica son importantes para el bienestar de estados unidos la secretaria de estado clinton ha ido como 35 veces a latinoamÉrica visitando 18 paÍses estamos metidos en los temas importantes a lo mejor no se ven en las noticias porque son bastante va mejorando en latinoamÉrica el comercio ha aumentado y vamos a seguir trabajando en temas que pr
Dec 24, 2012 11:15am EST
that has a governor deval patrick and living in a country with president barack obama. one of the reasons you just stated in creating better access to both educational opportunities and health care which is eliminating all of those other disparities. it's important we not upset about the 99% of the 47% and just remember that there are people behind all of those percentages, and people that has been struggling and people living in poverty. if you talk about the shrinking middle class, who were the joining? and so i want a president and governor and a major that believes in making those critical investment in physical infrastructure and in people that support the rule that everyone has to play in the economy including giving people in poverty on a pathway to self-sufficiency that is just as important. >> a round of applause for the panel. [applause] jim bendat correspondent for msnbc come i tv and sky news is next on booktv. for the next half hour, he talks of the history of presidential inauguration going back to 79. -- 1789. >> thank you for that introduction. it's wonderful to be here at
FOX News
Dec 29, 2012 8:00pm PST
-election of president barack obama, politics on the national level headed in a decidedly liberal direction. so what happened? and what does it mean for the country going forward? joining the panel this week, "wall streetf journal" columnist and political diary editor jason riley and washington columnist kim strossel. dan, we would like to say for a longtime we live in a center right country. if you l look at the last two presidential elections, that doesn't seem to be the case. are we living in a new progressive era? >> in terms of the presidency, i think we are, paul. i am not sure about the country. i think what barack obama has in mind to do is indeed to redistribute income from the top downward and not to cut spending, but to increase spending. it is explicit from historic 20% of gdp to 25% of gdp. rather than cut spending, raise taxes as necessary to support the spending. and i would say that is in fact the french model. the question is whether that model can produce enough growth to support jobs in the economy.en >> noen question, jason. taxes are going up. we know that. spending going up for
Dec 10, 2012 11:00pm PST
esta promesa de barack obama. >> barack obama uso la inmigración como un arma política, pero no dio una solucion. >> los activistas de dream act son cautelosos. >> estoy esperanzada por el movimiento que hay en el congreso. >> en todas las partes del país donde hay comunidades de inmigrantes, los dreamers propios. >> y se busca generar un cambio en la ciudadania. >> la mayoría de los estados unidenses aprueba con darle la ciudadania a los inmigrantes que ya están acá. >> el 35% se opone y se dice que el presidente barack obama se prepara para dar un plan de inmigración en las próximas semanas. >> un apartamento de esta casa, niñas de 13 y 14 años eran obligadas a prostituirse. >> este hombre vive en la casa y se muestra sorprendido. >> anunciaron la extradición de los menores y también de los inculpados >> la fiscal dice que un tercer hermano prometian casarse con las víctimas y arrebatandoles a sus hijos >> deben pagar lo que están haciendo con una niña. >> otras casas estaban en el barrio chino >> hacer una cosa así para tratar así a una joven . >> las autoridades resca
Dec 27, 2012 4:30am PST
. bay area airports have had days of delays because of rain here. >>> president barack obama arrives back in washington for high level cliff's. president barack obama cut short his christmas trip in hopes of negotiating a deal with republicans and the deal was to make tax cuts for the wealthy and raising taxes among the rich. the treasury announced they will resore to using a program to help sustain their money. they will look to borrowing where the government defaults on their debt. >>> former president bush remains alert talking with medical staff. former president bush was in the hospital since last monday for complications related to bronchitis. >> we are hoping the medicine and treatments can help him turn things around. >> the former president has a high fever and is now on a liquid only diet. his former florida governor and son have all been frequent visitors. >>> they came after 14 million vehicles came. they say the value of the cars fell sharply after the recalls. a judge must still approve the settlement. >>> how are things looking tara >> so far so good, let's take a live
Dec 17, 2012 11:00pm EST
presidente barack obama tiene esperanzas de lograr un acuerdo antes de fin de ano para avitar el abismo fiscal... tambien:. en colombia, al menos 26 personas dejo accidente de autobus en la carretera que une a bogota con cali... ... a dos semanas de concluir el 2012, el presidente obama mantiene sus esperanzas en que se pueda llegar a un acuerdo economico y asi evitar que el pais caiga en el llamado presipicio fiscal. alina mayo hablo con el mandatario y el senador republicano marco rubio y nos tiene las se pierda manana la segunda parte de la entrevista al presidente barack obama..asi que en colombia al menos 26 personas murieron al volcarse un autobus en la ruta bogota-cali esta madrugada ... el accidente dejo ademas unos 15-heridos... la tragedia ocurrio cuando el vehiculo perdio aparentemente los frenos, lo que llevo al conductor a perder el control... la unidad se accidento pasada la medianoche del domingo en un tramo de la carretera que conduce de la localida de fusa-ga-suga a la ciudad de girardot... en chile, un equipo medico conformado por 38-personas logro separar con ex
Dec 27, 2012 6:00pm PST
mandato y el presidente de los estados unidos barack obama enfrenta sus nuevos retos . >> el primer período de el presidente de los estados unidos barack obama está por terminar, un período en el que se llevaron muchos cambios, pero quedaron cosas por hacer, la población dice que debe trabajar rápidamente . >> que no suba los impuestos , que las armas no este nen el país y la reforma migratoria . >> tanto ellos como partidos políticos y analistas consideran que la primera prioridad del presidente es resolver el conflicto partidista , que una los partidos . >> que se activen los incrementos de los impuestos y simbolicamente es importante que el presidente pueda demostrar la capacidad de negociar bien . >> además del abismo fiscal, es el control de armas, seguridad nacional y la presencai de estados unidos en el exterior, para los hispanos es tiempom que el presidente de los estados unidos barack obama cumpla la promesa migratoria . >> se nota que el partido republicano está listo tras la derrota en las elecciones y que debe tener el apoyo latino . >> tan solo le quedan cuatro día
Dec 21, 2012 7:00pm PST
barack obama observed his own moment of silents days after his call for a panel to address gun policy. hoping no community has to endure newtown's heartbreak again. in washington, ktvu channel 2 news. >> shame on the nra! >> reporter: code pink protesters disrupted that rifle association press conference in wash wash twice. demonstrators held up signs saying nra, blood on your hands and the nra is killing our kids. critics are blasting today's response about making schools safer. ahead in 9 minutes bay area educators tell fuss more guns would -- teleus more guns would better protect our students -- tell us more guns would better protect our students. >>> a twist on the gun buy back next month. in addition to purchases guns from residents authorities will buy back violent video games. >> you just don't need to have hathat kind of carnage exposed to our young people. and, it -- it will open up the dialogue, i hope, with families to know what is going on. >> the marin gun and buy back is set for january 15th. martin luther king junior's birthday. the video games will be destroyed. >>> i
Dec 21, 2012 7:00pm PST
journalists next week. the white house released a video on friday in which president barack obama talked and the outpouring of support he says he's received in favor of gun control measure. >> hundreds of thousands of you from all 50 states have signed petitions asking us to take serious threats take into conversation -- consideration. >> all the people of newtown, connecticut have been reacting to the n.r.a. proposals saying more guns in school. >> it's going to affect the kids psychologically. it's going to be in fear every time they walk into a school. >> it's kind of bad. i don't think they look at the big picture of things. >> they had to make a statement but this choice is the worst i think. >> about the same time as the n.r.a. vice president was addressing journalists in washington there was a multiple shooting in pennsylvania. gunman killed three people in township east of pittsburgh. the gunman was killed in the shootout with police. a -- mark foreman has been investigating mass shootings in the u.s. and he says the n.r.a.'s comments are outrageous. >> parents who are still bury
Dec 7, 2012 6:30am PST
of transportation and with the great leadership of president barack obama whether it was the presidio park way, transway terminal, completion of third street rail and all of that. in recent years when he served in the congress and now as the secretary of transportation. he knows full well the role that senator boxer played and he was a member in congress of the transportation committee and the consensus she is building in the senate on this is quite remarkable so i am honored to be here with senator feinstein and our colleagues and share in this for san francisco and what you see here mr. secretary is consent. our great mayor lee -- he is the consensus maestro and brings people together and he said "listen, listen" and we act upon the consensus of our community. it's about consensus. it's about community. it's about here comes the bus and now we can get on it, but it's also about all the things the mayor said. it's about the quality of our air. again sitting comfortably in other projects in california that secretary lahood hood worked so hard on. the two senators were instrumental in mak
Dec 30, 2012 11:00am EST
a chair. it's our annual award show. smart move. what did barack obama do smart this year and what was the key to mitt romney's failure? we'll look at the nominations for best and worst political moves. unforced errors and of course our annual foot in mouth prize. and finally, the nerve of it. our annual chutzpah prize and who showed the most nerve and who are the heroes of 2012 in i'm chris matthews. welcome to a very special awards show. with us mike duffy from "time" magazine. bbc's katty kay. "new york times'" helene cooper and abc's sam donaldson. first up, 'tis the season for year-end political awards. best and worst. last year part one of our political awards and this week part two and this is pure fun. our first category president obama's smartest political decision of 2012. which one of these four choices will our roundtablers pick? was the smartest obama decision to campaign relentlessly on raising taxes on the rich? or was it the early takedown of mitt romney in all those ads last spring that painted him as a rich guy? or the high-tech multimillion dollar back room opera
Dec 17, 2012 11:35pm PST
la despedida a pequeñas víctimas. barack obama habla sobre la venta de armas en el país >>se arma el rompecabezas sobre adam lanza >>rompe el silencio el representante de la compañia del avion donde murió jenni rivera, dice que el aparato estaba en perfectas condiciónes. >>buenas noches, bienvenidos a noticias univisión. en medio del dolor de un país en que no sale del asombro ante masacre en pequeña escuela de newtown >>arropados por la solidaridad de toda la nación, los padres afrontaron uno de los momentos más difíciles para su vidas >>un dia para que las familias dieran un último adios a las pequeñas víctimas de la masacre en la pequela escuela de sandy huckes >>compañeros de escuela, padres tuvieron la dolorosa mision de enterrar a sus niños >>ha sido una jornada difícil, dolientes han estado trayendo flores y velas >>jack pinto y noa posner, el niño más joven que fue asesinado. >>lacomunidad empieza a despedir a sus muertos, los compañeros de jack pinto le dieron en esta funeraria el último adios >>no hay palabras para describirlo, no puedoa. >>no pensamos qu
Dec 2, 2012 6:30pm PST
, hay un gas toxico el accidente dejo personas hospitalizadas el gobierno de el presidente barack obama estÁ trabajando en el precipicio fiscal pero acalaran que el presidente barack obama no hace un trato con los republicano hasta que ellos acepten hacer un alza a los amas ricos. >> hay mÁs informaciÓn sobre el cambiod e amndo de enrique peÑa nieto >> el presidente de enrique peÑa nieto celebro la firma del pacto de mÉxico que estÁ trabajando con un acuerdo ancional para la inclusión social, las autoridades tienen detenidas a mÁs de 100 personas. >> tambiÉn culpamos a la policÍa xlos daÑos. >> decenas de manifestantes protestaron emmx por sus compaÑeros. >> estamos indignados estamos nosotros y no va quedar impune. >> al mismo tiempo en que esta batalla se daba obrado se refirio asia la uso de la fuerza, es la >> enrique peÑa nieto juro en mediod e reclamos los legisladores de izquierda le mandaron billetes falsos. >> desde las primeras horas se empezo, en al ciudad de mÉxico univisiÓn >> la que veremos es la Última fotografÍa de macho camacho en vida, horas antes del
Dec 20, 2012 6:00am PST
side to bulging. >> reporter: president barack obama and house speaker john boehner butted heads publicly and are at odds over who should pay more in taxes. more than half of taxpayers want republicans to give and 44% want democrats to give in negotiations. house speaker john boehner put his plan "b" at a vote and that would raise taxes for those making more than $1 million a year but president barack obama said he will veto it. he expects anybody making more than 400,000 a year should be taxed. tax increases will go into effect for everyone less than one week today. >> we are two weeks from the fiscal cliff and there is still time for us to come to an agreement and i hope that this time will be well used. >> and we are expecting an earful when the house meets in about 45 minutes and puts plan "b" to a vote sometime this afternoon. life in washington carla campbell ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> and preparations -- life in washington carla campbell ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> and preparations are underway for president barack obama's inauguration. it will be smaller this t
Dec 4, 2012 6:00am PST
spring. >>> this morning, president barack obama will meet with a group of bipartisan. they want to urge president barack obama to work on the fiscal cliff. they will meet with house speaker john boehner, governor jerry brown is actually not in the group. >>> white house is rejecting the republican fiscal proposal. and it is a counteroffer to the one president barack obama offered last week. coming up, what the white house says is missing in the republican proposal. >>> time now time to bring tara back. if anybody is headed for the bay bridge, what do you want them to know. >> if we take a live look, this happens in just a matter of minutes and i bet you it is going on right now. so give yourself extra time if you are headed into the city right now. we can show you 580 westbound and then also up in the pittsburgh antioch area, slow going there on highway 4 as you make your way towards concord. last but not least, 280 san jose and traffic is moving along pretty well. 6:07 here is steve. >>> cloudy skies, now last hour, there has been some light rain in mendocino and down to salina, it is
Dec 31, 2012 6:30pm EST
. >>> y el presidente barack obama dice que se ve acuerdo para evitar el abismo fiscal pero no votarÍan antes de la medianoche. >>>la salud de chÁvez suspende fiesta en plaza bolÍvar y piden a todos orar por la salud del presidente hugo chÁvez. >>> y seguridad y feejos con mucho frÍo y seguridad y alegria miles se preparan para recibir el 2013 en times square. >>> salud, dinero y amor, ritual y amuletos que muchos usan para la suerte. >>> la ediciÓn del noticiero comienza ahora. >>> muy buenas noches soy vanesa, y josÉ dÍaz estÁ de vacaciones. >>> y comienzo en mÍ california dÓnde finalmente fuete errada jenny despuÉs de 3 semanas del accidente aÉreo en que muriÓ junto a seis acompaÑante vÍctor hugo estÁ en el cementerio con toda la informaciÓn, muy buenas tardes vÍctor hugo. >>> muy buenas tardes vanesa y claro que sÍ como tu lo decias, esto ocurre a 22 dÍas del trÁgico accidente en que perdura la vida jenni rivera en monterrey nuevo leÓn y despuÉs deo que pasÓ la cantante los restos fueron traÍdos a este cementerio funeraria en long beach en la misma ciudad do
Dec 20, 2012 12:00am PST
douglas brinkley on barack obama, abraham lincoln, and spider-man. good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. the president gave all americans a lot to work with today and a lot to think about in the coming weeks. president obama recognizes the mood of the country. there is a real sense of urgency to pass common sense safety laws in the wake of the newtown shooting massacre. the president knows this is going to be a heavy lift. >> that's why i've asked the vice president to lead an effort that includes members of my cabinet and outside organizations to come up with a set of concrete proposals no later than january, proposals that i then intend to push without delay. this is not some washington commission. this is not something where folks are going to be studying the issue for six months and publishing a report that gets read and then pushed aside. >> one of the reasons the president is asking for action without delay is because he knows change can be accomplished, and it's been done before. the assault weapons ban signed by president clinton reduced crime lower than it
FOX News
Dec 13, 2012 6:00pm PST
of barack obama's best friends, those who lecture us on the need to pay more taxes. they are finding tax shelters in bermuda and some of them are using every loophole imaginable. one of them is warren buffett. we will get your take on that. and later, would you get your job back if you were caught -- there you go -- moking weed at work and drinking? these men did. their unions helped them. we will show you that, coming up next. i'm nora. and i'm nate. and this is our emergen-c. [ nora ] when you run your own place, you can't miss a day. so we rely on emergen-c. with vitamin c for immune support plus energizing b vitamins, our regulars know we're sure to be there. get your free sample at stay healthy, and feel the good. till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8. or...try kids boxes! you'll also care about our new offer. you get access to nurses who can help with your quesons. and your loved one can ge exelon patch free for 30 days. if the d
FOX News
Dec 29, 2012 12:00pm PST
. >> we can now definitively say that president barack obama will be re-elected, mitt romney will come up a loser in this race. >> jon: the billing media story of the year, the presidential election. that was how it ended. barack obama beating mitt romney and an end to a bitter season that started early with the g.o.p. primaries and events like this. >> we saw some of this black church in south carolina where a woman asked you why you referred a president obama as the food stamp president. it sounds as if you are suitcase to go belittle people. >> first of all, juan, the fact is that more people have been put on food stamps by barack obama than any president in american history. [ cheers and applause ] >> i know among the political kli correct and i'm supposed to you use facts that are uncomfortable. [ laughter ] >> so that was just part of a long and memorable primary season. juan, is that your highlight of the year. [ laughter ] >> my highlight? it is telling again for newt gingrich. he in a subsequent debate when we was asked about extramarital life and enough about these questions and
Dec 26, 2012 5:00am PST
here in the bay area. >>> and president barack obama cut short his christmas vacation and we will explain. >>> we have an accident up in petaluma, we will tell you about it coming up. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. how. >> new this morning. >>> officials say a car bomb went off in host province it killed a security guard an injured 6 civilians. the taliban is claiming responsibility for the attack. >>> online 5,000 people were released from the boy scouts suspected of sexual abuse. it goes from 1947 to the present. it includ
FOX Business
Dec 8, 2012 6:00pm EST
. >> exactly right, but barack obama doesn't have to run again. very cognizant of the fact. i'm not, you know, i'm not the grim reaper abou this. i believe are going toget a deal. it's going to be a bad deal because nobody will be happy. the purpose of this is to have pain inflighted on everyone, nobody gets 100%. we'll have tax hikes as well. neil: why i featured the union coming out, is it makes it tough. it's obviously union playing their hands arguing, and they could make a compelling case for this that they helped barack obama get re-elected. brought out the base much more than the republicans did, and they could take credit for that. they are more or less saying in this ad, i think, my opinion, you know us, don't touch us. >> i agree. i'm a son of a carpenter, familiar with the union membership, and how they think. i think that, you know, they have some argumented here, but, rtainly, with respect to this election, they were very portant in barack obama,ou know, re-election process, and i think they'll stand very firm on the entitlements they feel entitled too, and they will hold barack
Dec 17, 2012 11:00pm EST
in there and tonight we can confirm that in one precinct barack obama got 100% of the votes cast. after the election, you remember reports of that happening in some counties in pennsylvania. our reports show it happened here as well. . >> how do you get to 87% by winning massive majorities in neighborhoods all over baltimore. the official results show 17 city presipths where mitt romney got just one vote and check out this one, voter. >> on the i can't brown was here. >> everybody i talked to voted for obama. >> and when she says everybody, she means everybody. >> 207 people voted and barack obama got 207 votes, 100%. >> first and foremost, it's a black community and people voted for obama the last time. >> mitt romney was completely shut out at another precinct. no votes for him but third party votes kept barack obama from having one hundred % of those votes. >> it's just based upon the neighborhood and the make up of the neighborhood. >> and he says if mitt romney was interested in winning city votes, he could have paid them a visit. >> i think when campaigns don't show a lot of campaign
Dec 19, 2012 7:00pm PST
>>> we should be able to keep an irresponsible, lawbreaking few from this. >> barack obama demands new gun restrictions in the wake of the connecticut school shooting. >>> hello, and welcome. this is al-jazeera, live from doha. fine for manipulating interest rates, ubs must pay $1.5 billion. south korea telex its first female president. she has pledged to help the ailing economy. >>> u.s. president barack obama says he wants concrete proposals on gun control presented to him by the end of next month. >> after the school shooting and connecticut, president obama said he was prepared to put the full weight of his office behind this issue. we now know how he plans to do that. these are the victims, three more children buried in newtown, conn., today, a teacher who tried to save them laid to rest as well. now politicians are talking about how to prevent another mass killing of children in their classrooms. >> we have a deep obligation, all of us, to try. >> not president obama has put vice president joe biden in charge, saying that he will outline his proposals next month. >> the good
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